Below you will find a selection of images of Irish Oak Mantels taken in our workshop or provided by customers having put up their mantel in their home.

Irish Oak is a beautiful natural timber with lots of character and the timber contains lots of marks, checks and grain patterns that is not so evident with American Oak has a more even grain.

If you are looking for a very natural look, Irish Oak is a beautiful timber.

5 thoughts on “Irish Oak Mantels

  1. Kristina White says:


    I’m looking for an Irish oak mantel with stepped corbells and square edges- ( not rounded)
    Total width needs to be 1860mm wide with a mantle depth of say 100-150mm.
    The fireplace ope is quite substantial. I can forward a photo if this helps.
    Please can you quote for these mantle dimensions please. I require this as soon as possible. Can you please let me know how long it would take to receive same

    1. IreneParker says:

      Hi Kristina,

      Thanks for your message. I am going to reply on email as I cannot add attachment through the site.

      I will email right now.


      Irene Parker
      Timber Mantels @ Coole Fencing

      1. Francis King says:

        Could I get a price please for an Irish oak mantel with stepped corbals. It’s the top left on your Irish oak mantel section. It would be 46 inches long and 12 inches wide please

      2. Jurate says:

        Hi, i am just looking for this oke board to be changed on top the fireplace. Could I get the quote for this size, please.
        1393 mm lenght
        190 mm widh
        55 hight

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