Suggested Fitting Instructions for Timber Mantels:

– There will be holes drilled in the back of the mantel when you receive it (we suggest 3 particularly if the mantel is in excess of 5ft)

– You will need some Tec7/Gripfill or any strong Building Adhesive

– We will provide you with lengths of iron rebar (reinforcement bar) circa 9’’ in length and these need to be placed in the wall – half in half out, similar to below (image showing two for a small light mantel)

Re-bar hidden fixing to support a Timber Mantel

– Drill holes into the wall corresponding to the holes drilled in the back of the mantel and set the lengths of the Re-bar in the wall. Basically you are going to have the Mantel sitting on the Re-bar and any fixings are totally hidden. Make sure to leave 50% of the bar outside the wall to let the Mantel sit on and 50% in the wall for security.

– Finally to secure the Mantel in position, whoever is fitting it should put some Tec7/strong adhesive into the hole in the wall, on the bar and squiggle it along the centre of the back of the Timber but be sure to not let the adhesive get on the front or top of the mantel. The adhesive is very strong so a small amount would suffice.

– Then place the mantel on the bars, push into the wall and let the adhesive set.

– If it would help you to talk this through before putting up your mantel don’t hesitate to contact us on 086 8256340

NOTE: If the Mantel is being placed on a wall where building work is still going on,  it is an idea to get two Brass Picture Hangers/Loops and screw them into the back of the mantel at either side, chip a little plaster out of the wall and using two screws,  screw in the Brass Picture Hangers/Loops  as this will pull the mantel in tight to the wall at each end and the fixings will be hidden.

NOTE 2:  Be sure to find the upright joists if not a brick wall. The Mantels are solid timber and can weight up to 30kg.

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