Spalted Beech

We are experiencing a huge amount of interest in our Spalted Beech Timber Mantels since adding them to the range of Timber Mantels available early this year. They are proving hugely popular and are only being outdone by the beautiful Oak Mantels……but as with every purchase it is very much about individual tastes and preferences and of course the look that the individual wishes to achieve with his/her new stove.

Due to the unique patterns and effects that can be achieved with Spalting, it is a much sought after look from those interested in wood and design and a Spalted Beech Timber Mantel can add a beautiful conversation piece to any room.

Spalt is unique and therefore no two pieces of furniture made using Spalted Beech will ever be the same thus adding to the appeal and uniqueness of a piece of Timber crafted from it.

A Timber Mantel, like those shown, below bears strong resemblance to a chocolate and vanila cake mixture in baking and just like the cake mixture, a Spalted Beech Timber Mantel provides a very tempting and visually pleasing result!

Spalted Beech Mantle
Stove Mantle made from Spalted Beech
3 Samples of Spalted Beech Timber
3 Spalted Beech Samples using different varnishes and stains.
Spalted Beech Mantle
Spalted Beech Stove Mantle
Spalted Beech Mantle
Spalted Beech Mantle being created

2 thoughts on “Spalted Beech

  1. Denise Landy says:

    Hi I appreciate you may not be open but I would be interested in purchasing a mantle for over a stove. Can you fit these as well I am based in Waterford thanks Denise 0863751212

    1. IreneParker says:

      Hi Denise,

      Thanks for getting in touch, we are working away at the mantels. We do not fit but can provide you with suggested fitting instructions.

      What Timber type had you in mind or did you see one on the site that you like? Please visit the Timber Mantels Facebook Page as there are more photos there and it might be quicker to message through there also


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