The Stove Marketing is Booming!

Due to the Stove Market experiencing a boom at present, Coole Fencing diversified to provide a wide range of Timber Mantels, also known as floating shelves, to frame or accompany electric, gas or solid fuel stoves for home heating.

Oak Timber Mantel Above a Lighting Stove
Solid Oak Timber Mantel Over Lighting Stove

Recent research on the growth of the Stove market in Ireland in recent years provides further positive information for Timber Mantels.  See below, interesting report findings taken from a blog by peceived industry expert Tony McGinley, dated February 2012:


Tens of 1000’s of Irish Turn to

Solid Fuel Old Fashioned Reliable Stoves

In my last posting I discussed that I had been given a figure of 40,000 stoves sold in Ireland in a 12 month period.

The nearest I have come towards a verification is taken from a press release from Stanley Stoves. The statement says that demand in Ireland has grown by three to four times in the last few years. And specifically states that Waterford Stanley has a record increase of 40% in sales in 2011.The statement goes on to speculate on the reasons for this large growth figure. My feelings on the matter are that the factors driving this growth are:

1. The HUGE Government taxes on heating oil making it 25% dearer than in Northern Ireland.
2. The realisation that open fires are both wasteful and dangerous.
3. The unreliability of Electricity supply in extreme weather making most modern heating systems useless without the electrical power.
4. The perceived public need for a fuel-type independent, flexible, inexpensive, and efficient heating method, that additionally offers some basic cooking facilities, if needed, in extreme weather.

Source: Tony McGinley, (own Blog) dated February 2012


4ft Timber Mantel with Corbels
Timber Mantle or Mantel with Matching Corbels above Stove

This information is very interesting for Coole Fencing and particularly after doing extensive research into this whole area it was found that customers were unsure where to find a selection of Timber Mantels to accompany their newly purchased stove….and that is where we come in!

Timber Mantels from Coole Fencing provides a wide selection of design options to be considered as a mantel or ‘floating shelf’ above an electric or oil-fired stove.

Solid Oak Scroll Shaped Corbel
Oak Corbel to Accompany an Oak Timber Stove Mantel

Mantels are made to measure to customers specific requirements.  All that is required is that the customer provides an idea of the length, width and depth required and most importantly what type of look they require be it rustic, modern, vintage, country cottage or minimilist.  The attached diagram is designed to assist with the three measurements required for a Timber Mantel.

In the gallery there is a large selection of designs to glance over to provide further ideas for customers. Since beginning trading, the most popular mantels appear to be Oak Mantels followed very closely by Spalted Beech.

Oak Timber Stove Mantel & Matching Corbels
Beautiful Solid Oak Timber Mantel to Position Above a Stove

View the gallery to see the range available and it is growing every day!

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