Garden Sheds

We construct Timber Sheds, using pressure treated timber, to customers unique specifications and individual requirements.

A Garden Shed with the Door Closed
Garden Shed with Closed Door

We can make sheds to your specific measurements if required.   The addition of a Garden Sheds could be a really great choice for many reasons. The major one being that they provide much needed storage space for items that should remain outside. Garden sheds can also be a very useful feature for any backyard landscape.

Timber Garden Sheds are usually constructed on site and are not portable. If for instance you moved homes, you would not be able to transport it with you. Wooden garden sheds are very aesthetically pleasing and they can even be painted to blend into your home and garden setting.

Timber Garden Shed with Open Door
Small Timber Garden Shed with Open Door

As an added bonus, wooden garden sheds can be extremely secure, with heavier doors in the front that can prevent or deter people from being tempted to break into the shed and steal its contents. The cost of replacing certain equipment required for yard work can add up when you think about how many expensive items you need to carry out the various tasks.

Sheds provide practical storage areas which are ideal to house all your garden and outdoor knick knacks.  Extra storage space is always needed by home-owners. Many items that are not used on a regular basis may be stored in a garden shed.

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